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The Black Hole - A mystery to be solved in the future!

The IPhO 2016 Logo illustrates an active galactic nucleus. They are the most energetic objects known in our universe, yet they remain a mystery. These powerful sources of energy consist of a super massive and extremely dense object which can exceed a billion times the mass of our Sun. The enormous gravitational attraction means even light cannot escape from the innermost part - the super massive black hole.

When gas is spinning inwards into a black hole, an enormous amount of gravitational energy is released. The gas accelerates to very high velocities, heats up and releases an enormous amount of energy in the form of light. This process can outshine an entire galaxy of several billion stars.

Only with Einstein’s theory of General Relativity and his calculations did such objects become even conceivable. Albert Einstein obtained his PhD at the University of Zurich, the host university of the IPhO 2016.

The formation and evolution of super massive black holes remain a mystery. It is very unclear how the surrounding galaxy acts on the central black hole and vice versa. Who knows what revelations await us - to be discovered by the next generation of physicists.

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